Mommy + Me Photo Session with Miranda Collins Photography

When you’re pregnant and people tell you that time flies after you have a baby, you smile, nod and go on. It’s after you have a baby that you realize how true that saying is. Our sweet girl, Stella Grey is six months old now! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed and how much she has changed in her short time here.

I try to document as much as I can (yes, I have turned into “that mom” on social media!), so when I saw that one of my favorite local photographers, Miranda Collins Photography was having a special “Mommy and Me” session, I knew it would be a perfect way to capture some sweet moments of me and my girl. When you’re the mother (no offense, Dads!), you often find yourself being the one behind the camera, so this was such a great way to capture some memories of just the two of us.

Miranda was so great with both of us. She worked so well with Stella and was so patient with both of us to make sure she got great shots that we both liked. That is such a key component to me when taking pictures, I have to have someone that I am comfortable with (and that lets me readjust my hair 239238 times haha!) and someone who is patient with me and my energetic baby!

When we did this session, my own mother immediately came to mind. She loves taking pictures and although she is constantly chasing one of us down with her cell phone, I couldn’t remember the last time that her and I had professional pictures done. So I asked my Mom if she wanted to join us for a “girls day” photo session.

I love how all of these images turned out. I also like her editing style that gives a light and airy feel without being “too edited”. Her photos are classic and are photos that I can hang on my wall for years to come. When I look at them, I see so much of my daughter’s personality coming through and the love that my Mom has for my daughter. I am so glad that she joined us for this session and I have these memories of the three of us forever.

If you haven’t done Mommy and Me pictures before, I would highly recommend that you do! It was such a great way to spend the morning with my baby and my mom. Having a photographer like Miranda made it so fun. We weren’t rushed or uncomfortable. We had a fun morning of us just spending time together and loving on our girl!

This would make the perfect birthday gift, anniversary gift or just sweet surprise for any mama, grandma, someone who has been like a mother, etc. and you’re in luck because Miranda Collins Photography has another round of sessions coming up August 16 and 17th in Pikeville, KY. Head on over to her page to book a session. I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

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