Oh Christmas Tree(s)! My Buffalo Plaid Tree

Hey y’all! I am going to admit, I used to never get excited for the holidays and holiday decorating or just interior design in general were not my thing. BUT, the older I get and now that I have Stella, I am so in the holiday spirit and I love seeing her reaction to our decorations. Last year, I put up one tree and this year I put up THREE!

I am so excited about my decorations this year! I went for a different theme in each room. For my living room, I went with a more traditional style tree. In our den, I put up a fun, colorful tree with stripes and cheetah and in Stella’s room, I decorate a cute pink tree with butterflies and unicorns. I am in love with them all and love how cozy they make our home feel!

Tonight, I am sharing my first tree — my traditional style tree that I put up in our informal dining area. Most of my ornaments were picked up last year, but I have slowly added more in this season. All of the decorations (or most of them, anyway) can be found at the bottom of this post.

I have been sharing my trees on IG and I have been so pleasantly surprised that people have messaged asking how I decorate my trees! I’m tellin’ y’all, flashback to three or four years ago and you would not catch me decorating a tree or knowing how, so that makes my heart happy!

Just a few tips when putting up your tree:

Start off by putting the tree together and fluffing up all of the branches. (and try out the lights first to make sure they are all working!). I like to step back every little bit to see if I am missing any fluff spots. I like my tree to look full.

The next thing I do is add my ribbon. I picked up all of the ribbon that I used for this tree at Walmart. It varies in size and texture and that is a ok! Just make sure to get the style that you like and what goes with your theme. This year I went with a buffalo plaid, gold shimmer and black velvet. I cut a small slit on the end about 3 inches down (think of a snake’s tongue) to give me a little space to tie the top of the ribbon to a branch on the tip of the tree so it will hold in place better. Wired ribbon works best to me. Then just take your ribbon and do in and out style with your ribbon going down and on an angle with your tree. Every 8” or so, I will carefully tuck the ribbon into a branch to hold in place. I repeat until I am around the tree or out of ribbon.

Another tip that I find useful after putting up the ribbon is to put your larger “statement” ornaments up. I do this because these are the ornaments that I want to be seen.

After I put my large ornaments on the tree, I add in my smaller ornaments and go through and fill in the empty spaces to make the tree look fuller.

Tree + Ornaments // Walmart and Hobby Lobby

Ribbon, Star and Tree Skirt // Walmart

Accent baubles // Hobby Lobby

After I put all of my ornaments on the tree, I’ll take my accents like all of the sparky squiggles, flowers, etc and add those in throughout the tree to add fullness and fill in any gapped spaces. I like to add more to the top of my tree to accent the star.

And of course, last but not least is the star and the tree skirt. I went with our traditional tree skirt this year and it still works for the theme that I went with.

I can’t wait to show you all the rest! Stay tuned. 🙂


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