Choosing Happiness Because You are Worthy of It // 5 Podcasts That Helped Me

I was talking with a friend this morning and she asked me, “how do you find the energy to do it all?”. I replied with something funny and we went on about the conversation, but later in the day, I started thinking, “how do we do it?”. As mothers, as wives, as working women, as stay-at-home moms, as mothers in waiting, how do we get through it all? And on top of that, how do we choose to do it with a positive attitude?

I’ll be the first to tell you that I was not always in the mindset that I am now. This time, almost two years ago to the day — I was really questioning a lot of things; the loss of a pregnancy, a career that I was miserable in, etc. I had such a negative outlook on things and on life in general. One day it clicked that I had to build my relationship with God and myself back. I had to choose to be happy again just as I had chose to be miserable for so long. I had lost the person I was and I did not like the person that I had become during that time. I’ve realized, the only way that we can change our lives is if we change our outlook on it.

Being a positive person and having a positive mindset is not always easy. Am I always positive and happy? No. BIG NO. I have days just like everyone else where my job gets frustrating, my baby won’t stop crying, my gas light is on yet again — you get the picture. But these things are part of life. Everyone has bad days, but it is how we react to these things, what we learn from our attitude during the bad days, that is what is important.

Today, I wanted to share with y’all a few Podcasts that I have grown to love over the past two years. My husband introduced me to Podcasts (I don’t know why I hadn’t listened sooner!!) and I listen to several every single day. These podcasts have helped rebuild my relationship with God, help me with mom tips, marriage, and helped me work on myself.

Revived Motherhood by Becky Thompson

Live Fully by Mallory Ervin

Kindled by Haley Williams

Confidently She by Rebekah Beuge

Mama Said by Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jenna Parris

I hope y’all read this and if you’re feeling down in the dumps or if you’re unhappy in a situation you’re currently in, give one of these podcasts a listen. I am not saying that Podcasts will magically make things okay, but I know first hand that it’s refreshing to see people relate to your situation and what you’re going through and that is what these Podcasts have done for me.

Ultimately, no one can change your mindset, but you! If you don’t like your job, find a new one. If you’re tired of being overweight, do something about it. You control your life and you can change anytime. I am busier now than ever; I am a wife, a mom, I work 40 hours a week, I run KYMama, I am working on my Masters and I am starting up a digital marketing company. My cup runneth over, but I am so thankful for my full plate.

I am a happier person today and in such a better place than I was two years ago, because I choose happiness and because I know am worthy of it — and I hope you know, you are too.


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