My First Cryoskin Treatment at Flawless Beauty in Prestonsburg, KY!

I am sooo very excited about today’s post! Last week, I got to spend the afternoon with my friend and former co-worker, Shirl Strong at Flawless Beauty in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

Two years ago, Shirl decided to follow her dream and open up a full service beauty clinic in eastern Kentucky that offers everything from spray tans and teeth whitening to microblading, botox, lip injections and cryoskin treatments. Her business has totally taken off and I was so excited to finally have the chance to come over and try out her services!

Shirl Strong, Owner/Flawless Beauty + JakeLynn Cosmetics

Y’all when I walked in, I was blown away! Flawless Beauty is located in the old Prestonsburg post office building right in the heart of downtown Prestonsburg. The decor was stunning and looked like something you’d find in a big city.

..and did I mention that Shirl also carries her OWN cosmetic line that she created this past year, JakeLynn Cosmetics!? She has such a great selection from lipsticks and foundation to primer and tinted moisturizer and it can be found in store or online. This place is seriously a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs.

The service I decided to book was Flawless Beauty’s new service that just launched a few months ago, Cryoskin Treatments. If you’re a new mama, I am sure you can relate that things just don’t look the same after you have a baby. Although I have lost all of my baby weight and am working out regularly again, I still have trouble in my waist and have always been self conscious about that part of my body.

With Cryoskin, you can see results instantly and it is nearly painless! Prior to going in for my first treatment, Shirl gave me pre-treatment instructions to avoid any sugars/carbs for two hours prior and to drink lots and lots of water. Prepping for treatment was pretty easy and when I arrived, Shirl and her assistant, Angelina carefully explained everything and went over what I could expect as far as results, how many sessions they recommended and answered any questions that I had. Since I had never had a treatment like this done before, they really put me at ease since they were so knowledgeable about this treatment and answered everything that I asked!

The treatment lasted about 20 minutes all together. Once you go over your questions and take your before photos, you lay on a table and get some gel rubbed on your target area (in my case, it was my belly!). It reminded me of the gel that you would get for an ultrasound. They then take the probe and carefully place on different sections across my stomach. The temps can get down to -8 degrees! For my session, the target was to get to -4 degrees. At first, it was super COLD! But after a few minutes, it was more of a numb feeling and painless.

Once the session was over, I had some redness on my stomach area from the coolness of the machine. I could instantly see when I stood up some definition in my waistline! I lost almost an inch just in my first session! I instantly felt less bloated and smoother. I couldn’t believe the results in just one session!

For follow up, it was recommended that I come back for a second session in two weeks to do another treatment. Shirl carefully went over post-treatment instructions and stressed to me how important it is to consume a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. Final results can take up to two weeks which is why it is recommended to wait two weeks in between sessions. I can’t wait to show y’all my results once I am finished up with all of my treatments and give this new body of mine some love and self-care!

If you’re in eastern Kentucky, seriously check this place out! You don’t have to travel to big cities anymore to get these amazing procedures done. We have a great beauty clinic close to home that provides excellent services and customer care to the women and men of EKY without the long drive!

You can check out Flawless Beauty online at:


IG: @flawless_beauty_biz


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**Of course, always consult your physician if you have any medical questions prior to considering Cryoskin or any other skin/fat loss treatment.**

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