26 Weeks // Bumpdate

As the saying goes, “the days are long, but the years are short”, that is exactly how I am feeling with this pregnancy.. so far. I cant believe that I just started week 27 and I am in my last week of my second trimester. Week 26 seriously flew by!

Recapping into week 26, I definitely started to notice some changes. In my first trimester, I stayed pretty sick. Not so much nausea and vomiting, but more of the “the thought of anything grossed me out” type of sickness. I have noticed that I am starting to feel that way again, so I have been an especially picky eater the past few days. Cherry poptarts, dry Fruit Loops, yogurt with granola and bananas have been my go-to cravings here lately.

I am also starting to feel Stella Grey move around A LOT. She is all over the place and really lets you know that she’s in there now. I still haven’t had to buy many maternity pieces, so I am fortunate for that! I did get these great maternity leggings that I been wearing out because they are so, so comfortable. They are from Motherhood Maternity and they are super soft and have a really high waist, but still hold me in well.

Since football season is in full swing, you’ll be seeing me in a lot of casual attire, especially on the weekends! Of course, living in Kentucky, it is mandatory to be a UK fan (am I right??), so I love wearing these vintage tees from Shop Local KY. I normally wear a medium and I can still fit in my normal size (for this week anyway!). They are really great to dress up or just lounge around in because they are so soft and cozy.

I am still in full “mama in heels” mode at work. I have been really lucky to not have any swelling or any major aches and pains, but on the weekends, I really try to take it easy and wear comfortable shoes and clothes that I can just lounge around in. I got these leopard slides for under $60 at the Nordstrom Rack Off the Rack sale. They are great to to wear to work or sport on the weekends. They run TTS, so I got them in an 8 and they work perfect for me.

As for week 27 of pregnancy, I am hoping for the same, uneventful week. I do have my glucose test coming up and crossing my fingers that I’ll pass with flying colors! 🙂 My follow up appointments are now every three weeks instead of four, so just another sign that the end of my pregnancy is getting closer! So crazy that we will have a little baby girl joining us for Christmas this year and that it is our last fall season and Thanksgiving holiday as a party of two.

I know people get tired of me saying this, but I am just so grateful for this experience and continuing to embrace all of these crazy experiences that come along with pregnancy! Wishing you all a happy week and cheers to week 27!




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