25 Week Bumpdate

Wow, I can’t believe week 25 is already coming to an end! I’ll be 26 weeks tomorrow and it amazes me how much a woman’s body can change during pregnancy in just a week. We are pretty awesome!

This has been a fun week for us because I got to take my parent’s to an ultrasound to see Stella Grey at a local studio near my hometown, called The Ultrasound Studio of Williamson. We got to see her face (she is a little camera shy.. I hope that changes!), and see her little fingers and toes. She is certainly growing right along and it still amazes me that she is just hanging out in there.

I also had my monthly check-up this week. My check-ups right now are pretty basic. I never ask Zach (my husband) to go to these appointments with me because they normally don’t last very long annnnd I work at the same hospital where my doctor is located, so it is pretty convenient for me. My appointments right now are still kind of boring. I have been going every four weeks and I typically get my weight, vitals and urine sample done then we listen to Stella’s heartbeat and then the doctor and I just go over questions I have, how I’ve been feeling, etc. My doctor has been awesome and so great to me. I think that it is such an important part of pregnancy to have a physician that you feel comfortable talking to and who spends time with you. She really makes me feel at home and unafraid to ask any crazy questions that I might find on Google. 😉

I had to reschedule this appointment a couple of times just because I have been crazy busy and out of town a lot this past month, so from my last appointment 5 1/2 weeks ago, I am up about 5 pounds. Making my total weight gain for this pregnancy about 7 pounds so far. My vitals and everything looked great too, so I am really happy that everything is going so well.

I have noticed a drastic difference in my clothes in this past week. My regular work pants sizes 6 and 8 no longer button, so I have been living in my Roz and ALI wide band leggings that I picked up at Dressbarn. They are highwaisted and really great quality. I went back and got more colors and a couple of extra pair just to have on hand! They have been 29.95 and they were half off last time that I purchased a set. I feel like they are at a good price point and I can wear them postpartum since they aren’t maternity.

My tops on the other hand still fit pretty well. I am still fitting in my regular size mediums, but I have started to size up size large just to be on the safe side in the coming months.

I am absolutely loving this boat neck sweater that I got on sale at the Loft Outlet. It is so soft and very flattering to wear. I feel like a black sweater is so versatile that it literally goes with anything. I dressed it up for work with my black leggings and later paired it with my Good Mama jeans and BCBG Generation leopard pumps. Both the jeans and the leggings were great options with the sweater. Definitely a good staple piece for me this fall and worth the price!

I have been getting a ton of questions about the gold disc necklace that I wear lately and it is a custom engravable necklace that I ordered from Stella & Dot. It is engraved with “Stella Grey”. I got it right after we decided for sure what we were going to name her (which was pretty early!) and I wear it ALL the time. It is a meaningful piece to me, but it is so classic it really goes with anything! I used to be a Stylist for Stella & Dot and I think the quality of their jewelry is great. It is seriously the majority of what my accessories are!

My earrings are a go-to set as well. I got them for less than $15 dollars earlier this year at Target. They are the Sugarfix brand and they are lightweight, but have held up so well. I wear them all. the. time.

I can’t believe this is my last day at 25 weeks! This pregnancy for me has seriously flown by so far. Ask me again in a few weeks and I may feel differently! LOL But for now I am enjoying how much energy that I have and trying to get things done and finish up SG’s nursery while I still feel like doing things. We are now in double digits, only 99 days from her due date and I am getting really excited about what the next few months have in store! So many fun things to keep you all updated on.


Here’s to a fun and easy week 26! Have a great Friday, y’all!



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